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"Der Atem des Waldes"
"in between, and further"
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Ludger Kisters Komponist / Composer
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for string quartet and live electronics


Like a river without obvious direction, the composition meanders through time and space, focussing on specific phenomena found in nature: A photograph of a tree is used as a filter structure, the behaviour of swarms organizes the ambisonic sound diffusion and the voices of bats - normally too high for human perception - are transposed to become part of the composition. The sounds of real and virtual string instruments interweave with these elements.

The instrumentalists, especially the first violin which is extended by real time signal processing programmed in MaxMSP, interact with the electroacoustic sounds, creating and exploring zones of transition. The speed of spatial sound movements or the spectra of synthetic sounds, for example, are directly controlled by the pitch and volume of the first violin. Mäander was realized in collaboration with IRCAM and the Arditti quartet.


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